Modegrafrica magazine is  a tabloid Africa fashion magazine, established by a young Motswana in Botswana. The name MODEGRAFRICA was made from different letters from different industries that builds the fashion industries, MODE is adopted from model, DE is from design (fashion designers),GRA is adopted from photography  and lastly Africa which is the continent that the magazine focus is on, lastly all these put together Modegrafrica means modern graphics of Africa.

The main concentration/focus of the magazine is on everything fashion however it will have features such as travel, food and health cause there relevant to the fashion industry. Within the fashion industry, Modegrafrica Magazine will be reporting about dif­ferent businesses even the lifestyle of these individuals involved in Africa’s world of fashion.


To positively make an outreach globally that will grow Africa world of fashion social, economic and technology networks through our prevailing platforms and other networks/platforms that are part of daily lifestyle in Africa fashion world.


To build a platform that will expand, market and advertise all types of busi­nesses in the world of fashion across Africa. Discovering brands in Africa’s world of fashion that are new or haven’t been recognized also covering brands that are well known in African countries and those based internationally owned by Africans. Modegrafrica


  • Be a platform for different businesses involved in the world of fashion
  • To unite Africa countries world of fashion together and with the world
  • Become potential customers to all businesses involved in the world of fash­ion
  • Be events sponsors
  • To inform and educate
  • To be a fashion watchdog