You may be wondering, are you a model? Well, fortunately everyone in this present century is a model unlike in the past centuries when the term model referred to tall bonny girls and boys. Today either short, albino, dark black, chocolate, fat, thin ,thick, fat, old and physically disabled  the modelling industry caters for you.

But the big question is what type of model are you? This is determined by your body features and structure in order to be categorised in a specific model career. Bare in mind , first and most important thing to note as a model is what kind of a model are you? As this will help you in role specialization and career specialization, also empower focus. Below are some of the common and marketable model career categories in Africa.


emmanuel model top. maxhosa look

Source: AFI,model: Emmanuel

Runway models category is the most dominating career in the modelling industry across Africa. These models are used by designers during fashion events for showcasing their clothes ‘collection’ to their clients. Runway models females measurements are 1.69m tall, waist and chest sizes between ’28-38’ while male measurements are 1.75m height and above, with a waist and chest of either ’30-44.’  Emmanuel k, Thabang Mmolotsi and Kaone Kario   are amongst good examples of a runway models across Africa.



commercial keletso pc cyc jouzy

Photo Credit: Cyc  Jouzy, Model: Keletso

Like we said above, ’everyone in the present century is a model,’ commercial models can be any age, size and height however these type of models are selected looking at  their skills, personality, ability and yes body features. Commercial models are used for advertising any product either in newspapers, TV or any other means of advertising. The market for commercial models is not as dominating as that of runway models.



Source: X Models Agency

While commercial models are used to ‘advertise’ products, promotional models are used to ‘promote’ products and your personality is what matters most. Promotional models often promote or sell out products or services at conventions, trade shows and live events, in other words promotional models are hired to act as sales persons.

As a promotional model your personality must be outgoing, friendly and patient, also have good memory in order to sell a client product to customers thus be able to answer questions and talk more about product. The market for promotional models isn’t saturated as that of runway models across Africa.


dijimon hounsou pc herb ritts

Photo credit: Herb Ritts, Model: Dijimon Hounsou

Most fitness models are people who have a lot of interest in the sports field as such they start off as athletes or trainers later on start modelling however in the present today among males, muscularity has become a trend as such some muscular men end up finding themselves as models just because of how superb their bodies are built up. In short fitness model s is models that are athletic, fit and toned and these models are booked by fitness companies, supplements and sportswear. There is a growing market for fitness models in Africa as now the industry is starting to understand their purpose.



Source: AFI

The average range for a child model is mostly below teenage ages that are 12 years and below, any child under that age qualifies to be a child model. Child models are mostly used by clothing shops and other advertising reason.  Child models are not popular in Africa, there is a gap and need for this kind of models, this is demonstrated by less current fashion events that conduct children fashion events and produces clothes for children.


julie juice

Photographer Unknown, Model: Julie Juice

Glamour models work as swimsuit and lingerie models as such  this type of modelling is mostly sexually suggestive moreover commonly these models are photographed as different sexes however in the present day same sex glamour models can be photographed together. This category of models body structure has to be sexually arousing, for instance male glamour models can be masculine while females can have curvy body. The Africa industry has familiarised itself with this category of models thus there is market, also its cause there are emerging designers who do lingerie and swimwear in Africa





Who would have thought that in some century plus size people will be appreciated and turned into supermodels? The plus size models have become a big important part of the modelling and fashion industry to an extent that they are requested in fashion events even top model agencies enrol them nowadays. This category of models, their body size is what qualifies them to be plus size models.



Tasha bongwa model best upcoming

Photo Credit: Raees Abdoola,model

Editorial models are not the same as runway models when it comes to their roles however both types of models have the same required measurements. Editorial models are the high fashion models that work for giant fashion designers to showcase or be styled in these designers clothes and be covered in fashion magazines. This category of models is mostly picked by fashion designers as according to their preference.



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