Think your last year suit collection will survive this year? Think again! Designers who showcased this year at Africa Fashion International-Cape Town fashion week, South Africa Menwear Week and Fimo 228 say otherwise and we couldn’t agree less. Suits have different aesthetic yet incorporating harmonious and good combination of all the design elements and fashion principles, still keeping their original identity. This year the simple all black and bold colours are old fashion trend. These seasons’ designers showcased these three suit statement patterns, geometric, conventional and naturalistic patterns thus their collections provide interest and visual impact.The   garments are to die for!


 Photo source: SDR, Africa Fashion International

 Pastel suit are now the in-trend menwear statement as seen from Tokyo James collection during SAMW fashion week (LEFT) , Africa is Now collection (RIGHT) and C-Square collection(FAR RIGHT) couldn’t agree less at AFI-Cape Town Fashion Week. Naturalistic and conventional patterns such as pastel has sophisticated complex combination of the rhythm of stripes with the soft natural charm of floral as such giving the suits its elegance.

 Photo sources: African Fashion International(left), SDR(Right)

Square, stripes, Check, and tartan suits are the new fabulous suit prints flipping aside the African prints expressed C-Square collection(top right-bottom right) during the African Fashion International  and Tokyo James collection(top left,bottom left) at South African menwear fashion week.Prints may be seen as color loud due to color combination however the beauty is in that color combination even flow and this  geometric patterns  create the illusion effect of narrowness or of fullness in the wearer.

Gold Suits,gold has always and will always be a wealthy classic statement while black express power thus gold-black suits are never unflattering. This season at Fimo 228 fashion week, designer Carlos Desaules (above) doesn’t present plain gold and black rather presents soft black stripes breaking the gold making the trend interesting and attractive. The details expressing wealth, power, freedom, order and prospect.


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